En liten jolle på drift

2018 09 30

– Vem är den vithårige, krullige mannen mittemot? Jag viskar till mitt sällskap på restaurang Fiskekrogen på Lilla Torget i Göteborg. Det är Bonniers som bjudit in 114 av sina författare, medarbetare och allehanda dignitärer till middag. – Det är Herman Lindqvist, viskar hon tillbaka. Två stolar till höger sitter Horace Engdahl. Bakom mig, Leif … Read more

About parenting

2018 03 29

  When I was a child, I learned to knit. At first it was simple stuff, then I knitted dolls and I knitted clothes to the dolls. It continued with socks and sweaters. When I was twelve years old, I made my first sweater with self-designed designs. I knocked in front of the TV, so many … Read more

A small, big adventure

2018 03 23

The forecast was brilliant. Sunshine and 3-5m / second in the wind. Perfect for kayaking, I thought and gave up for a two-day trip. Certainly there was ice, but ice cream I’ve encountered before. It was all over the body, I felt happy as a child on Christmas Eve when I picked up the kayak … Read more

Running through fear

2018 03 14

I jumped and bounced out of frustration. Shouted ”I’m sick and tired on that Iran run, now I want to move on. I’m ready, it’s time for something new! ”. They looked a little surprised, my colleagues that I planned a workshop with. Maybe not because of what I said, but the way I said … Read more