«What a wonderfully well-written book, so interesting and so personal. It raises so many thoughts about life as a whole, and inspiration to be involved in our society and contribute to change. ”

Katarina Danielsson, Journalist


New book out March 15!

“But why are you going to run in Iran?” asks my friend Evis.
“I want to see if it’s as dangerous as people think,” I answer.
“But what if it is as dangerous as people think?” Evis replies.

a book of inspiration

In the autumn of 2015, Kristina Paltén is heading for Iran to challenge herself and her fears. Can she, as a woman, spend two months alone on the roads of a country with sharia laws? Tensed, she begins her 1144-mile long run through desert landscapes, small villages and big cities. She is surprised by the hospitality and friendliness she meets. At the same time, she becomes increasingly aware of how the fear of expressing her opinions, in a country where arbitrary decisions can determine life and death, creeps under her skin.

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