World record, 48h on a treadmill

7 November, 2014

About the challenge

I had done as most 201 kilometers on a 24-hour race before starting the treadmill at 12:00 on Wednesday, November 5th. My goal was to run 322 kilometers, 60% longer than I previously had done.

Read more about the challenge here.

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Overcome fears

I was afraid that it would hurt and I would get tired. I remember the moment I realized “It will hurt” and accepted it. It was the solution to deal with the pain. Managing fatigue includes coffee, music, friends and endorphins.


I ran 322.93 kilometers and did set a new world record. Nearly 10,000 followed the record on the web and TT, TV and radio were there. Above all, I experienced that what I did spread across the world, I received greetings from Ghana, Australia, Canada – all continents except Antarctica. The feeling of “what I do is affecting the world” led me to run through Iran one year later.


World record, 48 hours running on treadmill


date: 5:e – 7:e november 2014

activity: run as far as possible during 48 hours clock time.

goal: The old world record for women was 309.8 kilometers. The Nordic record for men was 318.54 kilometers. I wanted to beat both of them and also wanted to see how I reacted and handled myself when I ran beyond 24 hours, my longest distance to date.