World record, 12h on a treadmill

7 February, 2013

About the challenge

It was the first time I dared to stand officially and say I would do something that I almost did not dare. The question I asked myself was – do I want my life to be ruled by the fear of failure? The answer was – no. I want to live for what I want to achieve, that´s it.

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Overcome fears

I was not afraid of the distance, I knew I would be able to beat the old world record. I was afraid to stand in front of a lot of people and let them follow me whether I succeeded or not. I was afraid that I would be ashamed to go to work the following day if I did not succeed with the world record. The solution was to use mental training and see myself succeeding, inside my brain, before the attempt. With that mental image programmed into my brain, I dared to press the start button and let everyone who wanted to join.


I ran 107.49 kilometers and I did set a new world record. The greatest experience was not the record in itself; It was all the hundreds of people who came to Actic´s gym and were with me, all the warmth that flourished around me from the 10,000 people who followed the world record attempt on the internet and the 481 e-mail with “Congratulations” I did receive from people all over the world , when I came home that evening. I felt that it was not just okey to be in the center – it was absolutely wonderful! Above all, it was wonderful to see that when I gave myself permission succeed, others got the power to do the same. Among other things, eleven people set their own personal records as they ran beside me during the day.


World record, 12-hour race on treadmill


date: 7:e february 2013

activity: run as far as I can on treadmill, from seven o’clock in the morning until seven o’clock in the evening

goal: set new world record. The existing one was 93.43 kilometers. But above all, it was about daring to face people, whether I will succeed or fail.