Pilgrimage by running

15 July, 2011

About the adventure

I had friends who had ran across the United States and from Italy to Nordkap. I was curious if I could manage to run several days in a row and cover a longer distance. I decided to run the pilgrim trail from Karlstad to Trondheim, a trip of about two weeks. I packed my backpack and started running. In Trondheim, Anna-Marie and Cato were waiting for me.

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Overcoming fears

I was afraid to get stuck on the mountain when it was cold and therefore packed both sleeping bag and an aluminum blanket to keep me warm. I was also afraid to break down due to fatigue, to get blisters and not to make it but there is only one way to find out if I can manage it – by trying! I never wrote on my blog that I went out on this run, I did not want anyone to know what I set out to do in case I failed …


I reached Trondheim after averaging 47 kilometers a day. In addition to learning that I was able to handle such challenges, I experienced how intense life and all meetings with people are, when I’m alone. I felt the pride of doing something I barely thought possible. It was a feeling that I was hungry for!


Pilgrimage by running


date: 15 days in Juli 2011

activity: solorun of 700 kilometers from Karlstad along the pilgrim trail “St Olavsleden” to Trondheim

goal: to see if I could run a long distance, several days in a row and to experience the adventure of doing it. This was the first time I was running for several days in a row.