World Record 2013

2018 03 14

World record 2013

Cheers, applause and “The Final Countdown” sounded all over the hall when I stopped running after 12 hours.

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The world record appeared as news in more newspapers than I know because TT got there and the news spread. If you go to the “World Record 2013” page and scroll down the bottom of the page, you’ll find links to some of the places that highlighted the record. The list below shows those sources, but without the links themselves.

P4 Stockholm (who interviewed me three times. After the first interview they were dropped by people who wanted to know how it went)

Second radio interview


Outside träning

Mitt i Kista


Piteå-Tidningen igen

Norrtelje Tidning


Prestationsbyrån (Here you can see how my energy index varied over the course and what it means)

Bilder från Actic Kistas facebookalbum

Kondis igen

Krutgubben (Joakim på Actic)


MarathonMia igen

Carina Borén

Camilla Ringström

Stefan Manning

Anna Pernestål

Ann-Sofie Forsmark

I was on ABC, Nordnytt, SVT24, SvD, Metro, bloggar… ojojoj!