To sail you own ocean

2018 03 14

I received an email from Anna-Marie and Cato, as I got to know Kilimanjaro. “We have bought a sailboat in New Zealand and plan to sail against Fiji …” The dream was awakened for a while. I wanted to! But I could not sail, and it could not be Anna-Marie and Cato either. The journey between Fiji and New Zealand is more than 1100 nautical miles. I read a coastal shipping course – there is no coast between Fiji and New Zealand, but at least it created a fictional feeling of being able to – and learned to sail optimisties with my friend Janne, who taught me everything – except that milk and musli with benefit poured into the food bowl after I climbed on the deck, not before – and then carried it off!

The result? You can read more about here:

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