Miklagård to Stadsgård

28 March, 2013

About the adventure

We thought running would be about discovering new countries, and it did. At the same time there was a parrallel adventure – getting to know each other and how we work when we jumped five miles, the kitchen strikes and we are camping in a swamp. Today we are siblings, Carina and I.

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Overcome fears

We were afraid to be robbed, that our bodies would tear, that we would be ashamed if we did not manage it and that we would not make it within the set time frame. We prepared by discussing how we would treat each other in times of crisis, had back-up plans for what we did if we were robbed and if we would come home without making it, we would have to take that pain then. To succeed with what we had imagined, we worked hard on our target image – to paddle in to Stockholm City Hall together.


We arrived at the City Hall, July 13, exactly as we imagined. Over a hundred persons – friends, family and blog followers were waiting for us on the dock. We ran a marathon per day, for 75 days in a row, on our route between Istanbul and Tallinn. For my part, running meant that I got to be as strong as I was, which meant that I later won running competitions, which was something I had not done before, considering myself as not “good enough” to do it. I had previously tried to “hide” my own strength in the belief that it would hurt others. The prejudices we had about Romania and Poland proved completely wrong. That, and the knowledge that I can run long distances, led to my run through Iran two years later.


Miklagård to Stadsgård


date: 30:e mars – 13:e july 2013

activity: Carina Borén and I ran 3260 kilometers, from Istanbul in Turkey to Tenala in Finland, then we kayaked from Finland and home to Stockholm, 500 kilometers.

goal: to experience countries we did not know and see if we, by then two middle-aged, office workers, could run and kayak such long distances.