Kayaking the Piteå river

15 July, 2017

About the adventure

In Piteälven there are 24 rapids and it goes partly through unpopulated areas. Me and Carina wanted to teach us how to fish and also to fish, and above all have what we thought pretty quiet and beautiful adventure, just for our part, to enjoy it. We went for a pre-packing course, practiced fishing, packing everything we needed, and then my sister pushed us to the two Norwegian lakes we first needed to paddle over and then launch the kayaks in the Piteälven.

Overcome fear

I was afraid to be thrown around, especially to not understand that we were heading into one, sucked up, and too late realized that it was a feat we did not manage to paddle. I thought they were both unpleasant and nice that we would be completely omitted to ourselves because there is no cover in the first part and it would be difficult to get help if we ended up in an emergency. We learned a bit about foreplay and thought we would be careful about reconnaissance and, more preferably, kayaking past a lot too much than taking unnecessary risks.


When we had four kilometers left to the two lakes, the road was covered by snow depths. We thought and walked the last bit. When we arrived at the lakes they were covered with ice. A small edge of water was around, that’s all. The clothes were at home. We had no chance of getting help if we were to troll in the ice-cold water. It had rained for two weeks and everyone was traveling much bigger and longer than normal. We turned and went to Haparanda and paddled there along the coast to Piteå again. The lesson meant that this kind of sleepy we should not prepare if we are to seriously manage what we have decided for. The lesson was also that it was sometimes wise to cancel the plans. I do not think we had had a fun adventure if we had even returned home.


Kayaking the Piteå river 


date: 15th-30th July, 2017

activity: kayak together with Carina Borén from the start of Piteälven at Sulitelma to the end at the sea in Piteå

goal: to do it and to get to know the nature of where I was born and have a beautiful and lovely paddle together