25 February, 2008

About the adventure

I had been at Mt Everest Basecamp and also seen pictures of Aconcagua. My heart screamed “I want to go there” but the brain said “NO!”. To see if I was able to handle high altitude, I first climbed Kilimanjaro, together with Jarle Trå. Jarle was the guide who was going to help me climb Aconcagua – I wanted to see who he was and if I would dare put my life in his hands. He was a super nice guy, very cautious, and in spring 2008 we left, along with 17 others.

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Overcoming fears

I was afraid of freezing – which I took care of by buying a lot of warm clothes, a warm sleeping bag, warm sleeping mattress and more stuff. I was afraid of avalanches, storms and getting lost from the others. But I had decided that it was okey to trust Jarle. He made everything to make the ascent as safe as possible.


I did reach the top! And I came down again. One lesson was that the goal and mental goal vision should always be further than the real goal. Many who climb Mt Everest die on the way down, one possible explanation is that the only to reach the top. What remains most inside me is the silence and being so close to the stars and the universe, there, on the back of the world.




date: Three weeks during January – February 2008

aktivity: climb Aconcagua, 6962 meters high, one of the Seven Summits, which means the seven highest mountain tops on the seven continents, as well as the highest mountain outside the Himalayas

goal: reach the top and come safely down again