World record, 48h on a treadmill

2018 03 14


Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 12:00 to Friday 7 November at 12:00 it’s time to set world records on 48 hours race. Happy Friday? Come and enjoy Actic in Kista until Friday at 12:00 or follow the live broadcast here!

It became 322.93 km in 48 hours treadmill. New World Record!
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Photographer: Johnny Haglund
Bergans supports Mountain People, which builds schools in Nepal. There are things in life that are more important than running and I therefore want to contribute to Mountain Peoples work. If you deposit a refund on BG 5818-3575, I will double your contribution and then send to Mountain Peoples account in Norway. While submitting a contribution, send an email to the organization’s elders David Durkan and you will receive a Christmas card from the organization. After the collection is completed, the totals sum and donor will be published on this page. Therefore, remember to enter your name on the deposit.


A long-lasting dream is fulfilled through this World Record attempt – I’m writing my first book. The book is about mental challenges and how I handle them. How far can I run? Where can I reach life if I do not have any restrictions? What I learned through ultrasound can easily be applied to other parts of life. Want to know how? Send me an email and you will receive a news email when the book is released.


Actic sets up with amazingly committed staff who will be around the clock to arrange everything around the experiment. I receive royal treatment in the form of massage and care at all levels. Above all, the people of Actic think that this is fun – and I’m extremely grateful and glad I’m doing this right on Actic! Without it, it would not have been possible!
“Krutgubben” alias Joakim Petersson, location manager at Actic Kista below

Anita provides me with amazing soft and thin pants that I use as shorts. The pants are actually intended for use under riding pants and therefore do not have seams in places that could creep uncomfortably. The seams that are available are extremely flat and the material is thin, cool and breathable. With Anita, I hope to run cool and free!

Photographer: Daniel Gual

Bergans is a permanent sponsor for me. They provide me with handsome, handsome and practical clothes that I use when I read. When I came to the idea of putting the 48-hour world record on treadmill, I thought “Bergans does not have indoor running clothes, I’ll call and tell me what to do anyway” without much thought of any further continuation. The proposal I received was “Do you want to run in our Soleie series?”. I realized the genius. I always jump in wool socks, to avoid blisters and sores. Why not dress the upper body in the thinnest, finest merino wool available? In this way, I hope to avoid even sores on the upper body. The fact that the shirts are also available in a lot of happy colors made it all the more enjoyable.

I know it will be hot to run on treadmills. The clothes are soaked with sweat and the heat makes it harder to run. One way to get past this obstacle is to cool the body. Above all, it gives a good effect to cool your head. The question was how I would succeed. Yes, I had thought to wrap ice cubes into a towel and lay around my neck. Then I miss my head, but get pretty cold. When Flipbelt offered me to use their products, the case was ready – just take the smart extra pocket, twist it around the horse tail and head, and put ice cubes in the pockets. Tadam! Perfect cooling for your head!

During the World Record Test, 11 judges and witnesses, a competitor and a masseur are on site, around the clock, to make sure everything is working properly. These amazing people who spend both leisure and vacation to be in need of course need food. They receive good, nutritious and competitive food delivered 24 hours a day, directly from Factory, operated by Food by Coor. Setting up with it was a matter of course for this dedicated restaurant!

Runner’s Gear supplies me with energy for the whole experiment. It is the magic print “Perpetuem” that will make me run in infinity. Perpetuem is known in ultrasound for its ability to deliver stable energy for a long time and also to work so that the stomach remains in control. Runner’s Gear additionally offers “Anti-Fatigue” capsules that counteract fatigue in the legs. Additionally, Runner’s Gear is helping to film the entire Treadmill to have accurate documentation for Guinness World of Records!


Ojojoj, where should I start? From the happy start, through the bows of courage that went through me, through the harsh hours when nothing would stop in the stomach, to the final triumph? How do I tell a story I hardly remember? Otherwise, I will remember. The memories are just blurry. In my world I have sprung up in two different rooms, even though I know that I have sprung in the same place all the time. The mind plays me joking sometimes.
Pace On Earth movie about the world record race.

Start yes The morning started with a long sleep morning, then breakfast with Fredrik, then departure to Kista where we set up cameras, put everything in the right place all while I was interviewed by TT, P4, a website for PT booking and more. While I was feeding a pizza on the couch just before I started, I felt a bit small for all cameras. Then came Ingela and Eve, who ran with me the first hour even last time, when I set the 12-hour record, and they made me calm and a beautiful sparkling energy. Now I felt again.

The start went to some excited enthusiasts and then it was just running. The plan was to do 8 kilometers per hour for the first 15 hours and I bowed off 8.01, 8.01, 8.01 … After every eight-kilometer pass was finished I took a break. I eventually realized that it would be hard to keep that pace all the hours, but it worked. In the evening Actic held dance class. I tried to follow the movements with my arms, it spread the mind. Then it became quiet. I watched 4 Harry Potter movies during the night while happy runners came and went.

The next morning I approached the Swedish record in 24 hours and when I sat there it was only three hours left until I could get down to 7 kilometers per hour. I went into the second, unknown day a little bit sad, it had not been as easy as I expected to do 183 kilometers the first day. Now the stomach also bothered occasionally and sometimes I had to ask to get to the toilet.
I continued to live on Perpetuem alone and it worked well. At five o’clock, the energy-generating spinning group who sent waves all the way up to me where they sat and swung the sweaters over their heads while screaming “Kristina !!!”. In the midst of their energy-intensive show, I have to lay on the couch and saliva. I remember how surprised the five cascades made me, they just came across the noise from below. Thank you, Anita caught them in a bucket. I have never spit on a competition before. Hasse, an expert on the subject, calmed me with his safe methodology. “Take a whip, Kristina, that’s enough”. Then, “Take a salty salt solution, that’s enough”. Slowly he built up my energy content again and what made me most surprised was how hot I became after throwing up.

I felt how I was saddening more and more. It was not the legs that were tired, albeit stiff, and I was not sleepy. I was just less. At 7 in the evening, when it had been 31 hours, I remember how I thought “Now it’s only 17 hours left”. That’s the dumbest thing I can think of. Those 17 hours will be run and it’s quite a long time. After I had done 15 hours at 8 kilometers per hour, the idea was to do 12 hours at 7 kilometers per hour. When one hour left (14 o’clock second) I decided to drive at 6 miles per hour, an hour early. I did this against the background that my goal was 321 kilometers and I had counted to 322 in the plan. I thought it was okay to miss a kilometer.

As I drove down to 6 kilometers per hour, I pulled my felling slippers and walked that hour and the hour thereafter. I was lyrical, coaxed with Peter LeMarc’s “so be a madman, be naive, that’s what keeps us alive.” The joy radiated through the ears, I could handle this !!! So, I really felt, now I could go to goal! Six kilometers per hour is no match.

But that was not the case. Going alike always gives stiff legs, and I realized that it was not an accessible road. My supporters also told me that I have to change tempo sometimes, not to solidify. In addition, I saw how the minutes I got rest fell when I left and I did not like it. So, it was just running on. Too often it took off the toilet. Nor did I like it, partly because I lost time, partly because I rarely put him on time. It was gold to have Carina on my side, she if someone knows me.

Photographer: Christine Lundh Superb support, from start to finish! Here are Carina, Anita and Janne in action.

I was not sleepy but the motivation fell. In order to fix it, I asked to take a sleep break in half an hour and it approved my supporters. I crept down on the bedrock on the floor and twisted back and forth. With those legs, it did not go straight. Harry Potter figures jumped around in front of my eyes. It was nice to keep it quiet and dark in the gym for a while.
Something did the rest anyway. I woke up with coke mixed with Redbull. Now came a new phase – my body was so late that I froze. I had to put on my jacket and a pair of blankets to move me in the beginning. Over time I became hot and eventually I was back in only shorts and t-shirts.

With dawn (if you can talk about it in November), the courage also came back. I knew all the time that I had to complete the 309.8 kilometer women’s world record, I delivered according to plan and, according to plan, I would do it. On the other hand, I was doubtful if I would manage the men’s Nordic record at 318.54. But then Janne said something I had forgotten – my plan contained two sleeping breaks of 30 minutes each and I had just taken one. I lay ahead of my plan!

Then I remember most how tired I was, but when I see myself on pictures from the last hours I see the idle sunshine leader and a Kristina who looks rude and fresh. I see how I wave people laugh and I remember how the chest grew when I realized that now the world record was a dredge. I admit I was kidding a bit – I would take both the record, even if I went. Then I went. I probably could have run a bit more but I thought that was unnecessary. Janne tried to peep me that if I did say so far, I would take it and its personal record outdoors. I felt quite uninterested but a little helped. Especially when he said I’d pass 200 miles in a while. I would love to!

Photographer: Christine Lundh World record passed and almost 2.5 hours left!

In the end people came into the gym. I saw how it got fuller and fuller and people hurried, applauded and screamed. Jhonny acted excellent cheerleader and started ovation after ovation. I tried to calm my mind, just take in all that happened, let it melt into the heart. There were cameras everywhere, people everywhere and in the middle I stood and had a world record. All I wanted was the time to end, that I would finally stop the band and put myself down. Once the countdown came, the audience shouted “10, 9, 8 …” so it went so fast. I did not realize what happened. My goal picture was that I, Fredrik and Anders would run into targets and hold each other’s hands high up against the sky, I had forgotten, the reporter from Aftonbladet who ran and sent next to blew my brain away.

I was in goal. Press the stop button one last time. The first thing I did was kick me off the shoes, the shoes I wore for so long and even got crazy on. Then I stood there, would hug every person in the room. I breathed, tried to get into everything, thought I would cry but I was too tired of tears. I did not know what to do. Then the crowd burst out in “Once again! Once more! “And I was laughing at me to death. The record was a fact. It became 322.93 kilometers.

Photographer: Christine Lundh. A little tired I am everything.

I linked to the couch, was hugged by every possible one. Interviewed, ate and received foot massage! Oh, lovely feeling! My feet worn so far, at last they would have a rest! I sat there for a long time, when it was time to go to the shower I had to be led, the rigidity was immediate. Carina and Christine came along and sat in the sauna with me to see that I did not faint. I was doing it outside the sauna. They brought me clothes, served me with food and then we slept for a few hours. In the evening we celebrated at O’Learys in Kista, it’s tradition since the very first marathon on treadmills. We got the same waitress as at the last world record.
I reach out to the world and wait. One day I will understand everything that happened. I am also jet-skinned on experiences. I’m taking everything at my pace now, I need to rest. My dear body will get everything it wants and more. I’m so thankful, thank you.

I am also grateful to all who were involved. Ann-Sofie Forsmark, Urban Ljungberg, Tommy Lancaster, Fredrik Olsson, Patrick Joyce, Rickard Sohl, Lena Stockman, Jhonny Hällneby and Ellen Westfelt, Carina Borén, Jan-Erik Ramström and Hans Byrén, who were judges and witnesses during the event – and more thereto. You were invaluable both in the form of peppers, food preparation, handling in every way and all the wisdom and experience that you spread to me. Thanks also to Actic Kista’s amazing staff – Joakim Petersson, Elina Åstrand, Anita Bergström, Annelie, Matias, Stefan, Kicki Rydén, and all of them all I currently do not remember what you are called – you are my gym and it was wonderful to see you explode in dance of joy evening number two, do military exercises, keep in the excitement and more and more. A special thank you to Joakim who arranged everything around this attempt so good and to Anita who was there around the clock to give me a massage when needed and that happened to get the most disgusting extra charge – washing my pants so I always had a dry and clean one. Thank you to everyone who was there and peeped me by means of taking pictures, taking part in passports and more. Thanks everyone who was online, it was wonderful in my way that my website crashed by too many visitors. Thanks for all the peppers via facebook, all shareings, all encouragement.

Photographer: Christine Lundh. Got Ulf Lundel’s song “Happy, Happy” in my head when I see this picture

One thing is for sure – one of these things I do not alone. I did it in the power of all who were there who spread and shared joy and love and partly in the power of myself, who also spread and shared joy and love. Together we seemed to make this happen. We managed enormously, and I happened to be the star in the middle around which everything was spinning. It was a luxury, a few lost. Thank you for getting it!
When I have downloaded, there will be a book about mental goals. If you are interested, contact me here and you will receive an email when it comes out!


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